Software Development

The software development is a complex, long lasting and high-priced process. Therefore, it is necessary to find out whether the ready-built software is available on the market to satisfy your requirements and critical tasks, before turning to the software developers. If you have not found a suitable solution or the existing standards do not suit you, in this case you, you should think about custom software creation to solve your specific problem. The main advantage of Oxagile - present-day software developer that marks it out of other IT companies is individual approach to every software development process in order to optimize all the customers’ objectives. The company strictly adheres to certain rules of the work process organization in creating custom software. Excluding technical details, the Oxagile software development process can be divided into the following phases as: problem definition, technical specifications development, software development, trial operation, implementation and author’s support including content control, the service, which is provided by Empowered Web Development company.

The definition of tasks, operating conditions and other requirements to the software plays crucial role. In order to define whether the program is able to solve your problems, you need to have a clear set of criteria. You will be able to make the right choice basing on this set. Technical specifications development is the most important stage in the whole software creation process, because any error or any omission results the additional costs to rework the created software.

Depending on the complexity of the task and the time required for its implementation the preliminary or intermediate version of the product is presented. This phase allows developers to assess the functionality, ergonomics and other characteristics of the developing software as well as to conduct preliminary staff trainings. Then the developed software is implemented into company’s operation system. After the software installation the author’s supervision and technical support is provided during a certain time period. This is the period of software adaptation to real conditions. If it is necessary, the optimization and fine-tuning is also ensured. During the software operation the new tasks can be set concerning its functionality and usability.

The steps described in this article are only a general scheme. Enterprisesection developing CRM was organized to create long-term and profitable relationships with customers by understanding their individual requirements and providing individual approach to each case. For example, for complex tasks, each phase can be broken down into sub-steps or the steps for simple tasks can be combined. But at the end the customer receives complete result. This approach allows company managers to control strictly every stage, and guarantees the transparency of the whole process of software development.

Collaboration with Oxagile teams of java, php and .Net developers gives you extra bonuses thanks to prompt task analysis and project elaboration at lower prices.