Products and Services

Content Management System
This service comes standard with all websites that we develop for our customers. This service can also be bought standalone by someone with an existing website. If you currently have a website made up of several static html pages, choose our content editor to allow you to add life to your website. With a few clicks you can edit the content on any of your website's pages. Need to update an events page? This is the perfect way to do it. Our Content Management System allows you to edit your webpage without any special software - just your internet browser! Plus, it has a friendly familiar interface very similar to Microsoft Word.

We are competent in making small functional flash clips and flash games free online which are commonly used in modern promotional campaigns. These clips and games can be used for creating navigation, or to spruce up your website and attract more visitors.

Search Engine Optimization
If you get a website, the next step is making sure that somebody out there can see it. We have training and knowledge in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short), and can help make your site come up closer to the top of search results so that you can get more hits.

Not sure how to use everything we've given you? Just ask us! We're happy to work with you to make sure you know how to use all the features of your new web site and to keep you in control.

Paypal Integration
Have a storefront? Want to accept payments on your website from customers with credit cards? We use PayPal Merchant Tools in order to integrate websites with banking services. If you want to sell your products/services over the web, this is the way to do it.

Web Administration
We give you the tools to make your web site yours. You're in control. Its your web site. We enable you to easily and effectively manage and administer it without hassle.

Database Development
Our developers each have experience in creating and maintaining SQL databases. We have worked with both integration of mysql and PHP, as well as integration of ColdFusion and ASP with Microsoft SQL Server technologies. Use our databases to keep track of important phone numbers, customer records, sales, and much more.

Content Proofreading
Both of our developers took advanced english and writing courses in high school and college. If you want your content to be read for grammar, punctuation, and effectiveness, we can help make sure that your website looks sharp and is well written.

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