Mobile applications development

Mobile communication has so strongly integrated into our lives that many people feel uncomfortable without a mobile phone. Previously, the most popular phone functions were simple calls and sending SMS-messages, but today the priorities have changed. Modern mobile phone - it's not just a tool of communication, but a multi-functional device that helps to learn, have fun and make money as well to update the information. So, the specialists of Empowered Web Development company tried to find out what are mobile applications? In general terms, these are computer programs that are designed specifically for mobile phones, smart phones and communicators.

The modern world couldn't be imagined without mobile technology as it increases the productivity and efficiency of labor, financial management, navigation, communication and entertainment. Oxagile seeks to expand the company presence on the mobile applications global market the through mobile applications for business and entertainment development based on different platforms. The strategy of the Oxagile company on the mobile applications market is focused on such areas as: IOS, Android, Windows 8 platform and BlackBerry application development as well as producing of external projects. Currently, the development of mobile applications became the same marketing business standard as on line presence. With the mobile apps development, the company provides a full range of related services: concept formation and ideas development, technical specifications elaboration, distribution in the App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace, applications' updating and upgrading, including a new version for iPod touch and iPad, promotion campaign based on mobile technologies. As android is considered to be the leading operation system Oxagile began to develop mobile solutions for the devices based on this system with announcing the declaration of starting android apps development.

Today, the company emphasis on the brand new interfaces development which significantly improve the consumer application characteristics. Oxagile mobile applications department is a large team of experienced programmers and developers who do not only develop the apps, but also conduct researches in the areas of innovation. Professional development of mobile applications for smart phones is one of the company key activities. Much attention is paid to mobile applications marketing. We strive to find interesting projects and help developers bring an application to the next level through our own experience and investment. Oxagile mobile department departmentthat is developing mobile applications employs only high skilled professionals provides the clients such top-level mobile services as mobile web development, mobile tablet development and business-to-consumer and enterprise mobile development. They help to assess mobile risks, ensure the flawless performance of the mobile solution and assist the clients with release to stores.

Oxagile division for iOS apps development for iPad and iPhone helps the clients to make their gadgets more useful by means of creating new applications, service management solutions as well as audio and video streaming.