E-store web design

Probably, the next situation has happened to everyone: you find a link to a web page with the product you were looking for in a search engine. You open a web site and after a few seconds you close the tab, because the online store creates the wrong first impression and looks really untrustworthy. Or vice versa: you get to a page, which looks beautiful, elegant and filled with eye-catching graphics, but, unfortunately, has too tricky navigation system and has nothing in common with the usability. Empowered Web Development - the company, which consists of professional web site designers and developers that have been working in the field of e-commerce for many years, have gathered some valuable tips that will be useful to anyone who wants to create an online store or to improve an existing resource. The list, of course, is not incomplete, but the experts tried really hard to highlight the most important aspects of e-store development and design.

Sophisticated filters. Perhaps any product has a great variaty of properties, such as: color, size, pitch, diagonal, etc. In the long run, even the package, depending on its purpose, gift or regular, creates additional characteristics to a certain good. If your online store implement a convenient and user-friendly system of goods selection according to their characteristics, such as Improved Sorting Extension from Amasty, the navigation system of an e-store will surely satisfy even the most hard-to-please customers.

Maybe you have noticed that on most popular e-stores the search field dominates and takes the greater part of the home page. And surely such a solution of online store designers is based on years of experience. When a person browse through an online store, but does not find the product he needs, the availability of search function and previous-next navigation will come in handy. So you should not hide the search box, because it makes your e-store more user-friendly. Of course, provided that the search in your online store works properly.

Iinformation about the products in sight. Yes, in terms of search engine optimization, cleaning windows with a product that is temporarily out of stock is not the best approach. But isn't it more harmful for a business to upset the visitors of an e-store, who have finally found the vintage frame for posters and added it to a shopping cart, by sending the following answer: "Sorry, this item is not available at the moment"? In the end, people are your clients, not the search engine spiders, so taking care of their convenience is vital.

So, if you want your e-store to be in demand you should remember the golden rule – take care of your customers and you will always be in red. If you want to improve your online store and make it more user-friendly, learn more about extensions on Amasty.com Modules Store.