The basic elements of an e-store

Probably, today, you will not find an expert on e-commerce, who have never declared the importance of high-quality photographs of the goods in the e-store business. And all of these statements are true. In fact, the online store buyer's eyes play a major role in the process of purchase, as they allow to "touch" in some way those things that are impossible to touch, in compliance with the specificity of e-store. Therefore, the quality of the pictures, which depict the product should always be excellent. So that the customer gain the feeling that he is not just looking at the picture with the depicted goods, but touch them in the reality. And if you have the opportunity to do 3D or video on this product it will definitely pay dividends. Also, Empowered Web Development experts advise you to use product attachments extensionin your e-store, which provides customers with more information on different goods.

Web site menu and search field are a huge parts of the page with a list of categories, divisions, etc. Such mega menu can be seen on large trade grounds like the eBay, which sells almost anything you want. This solution allows to keep the simplicity of navigation in the directory structure. In addition, mega menu takes up very little space when folded. If your online store has a lot of products categories, use this type of menu. Shopping cart. Basically, there are two approaches to the implementation of the shopping cart. The first implies its content every time you add the item, the second - only shows a notification that the product you have chosen is added to your shopping cart. Regardless of the type of shopping cart that you use in your online store, it is always necessary to place the cart button in the place where any customer can find it easily. In some stores shopping carts are always on the visible place, slipping at the edge of the page with the scrolling. There are a lot of variants, the main thing is not to force your buyer to think about how and where to make an order on your e-store.

Any way, the design of an online store must be original and unique. It is difficult to come up with something new, however, without something individual and unique, your online store can easily get lost among its competitors. But the stunning, convenient design and unique features will create a good impression of your web site.

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